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At last, you can shed the stubborn weight with ease.

Lose 5-10kg weight in 30 days with NAFDAC APPROVED ORGANIC HERBAL TEA or your money returned (seriously). 

Nigerian women are crazy about the effectiveness of this product.

@ariyikedimple on Instagram says:

“I used to be a size 8 but then, I blew up to size 14! I remember arguing with them at a boutique that I was a size 10 las las until I couldn’t even fit into a size 12 dress! I had no idea I was that big!

I kept deceiving myself by saying I was “thick and curvy” and all I needed to work on was my tummy! I didn’t know I had blown up to size 14!!😱 I hated myself! I became less confident, I wasn’t excited about dressing up, going out or hosting events anymore neither was I happy about my new job @tvcconnect at the time because I just felt round (like a ball) seeing myself on screen!😭💔

But then I mentally prepared ⁣to lose weight (yes to lose weight you have to be ready mentally! Know why you want to do it, how you want to see yourself, set realistic goals, brace yourself for the “pain” so you can enjoy the “gain”)

Then January 2018 came! my weight loss journey began! I worked out on my own, I started eating healthy, and a friend got me waist trainers and introduced me to a slimming tea! I didn’t like the slimming tea because we both used to fight over going to the toilet (if you get what I mean 😂🙈).

I stopped using it and continued to work out, eat healthy and train my waist.

I went to the pharmacy one day because I started feeling pain in my tummy, the pharmacist recommended a weight loss tea that could help as food supplements during my weight loss journey, I reluctantly got it and the rest is history!

I remember doing a post for them at the time because it was just soooo good (swipe left). It helped to detoxify my system in a good way (without having to die in the toilet), helped to reduce bloating and my belly fat, suppressed my appetite….. it was just perfect for me! 💯💯💯

Two years later, I’m so happy to be representing the same company as their Brand Ambassador!!!

I needed to share my story so you all understand why I’m very confident representing this brand! @friskalife 💪”

WARNING! Please, do not consider buying this product if you are not ready to make a genuine, sincere and routine commitment to lose your weight.

Dear cutie,

I see that you are really concerned about your weight and you want to go back to looking sweet sixteen. Perhaps, you have lost your confidence because people have been using ‘style’ to body-shame you. Virtually all your clothes have suddenly become oversize, urh!

I bring you good news

I am happy to introduce to you, a product that can help you to easily shed that stubborn weight, including your belly fat,  quickly.

The product I am talking about is Friska Weight Loss Tea.

This product has been approved by NAFDAC and It’s 100% natural and organic.

In 30 days or less, you are guaranteed to lose 5-10kg of weight if you follow our instructions to the letter.

If you don’t see the result, let us know, and we will refund your money instantly.

Unlike other products you might have tried before, this will work for you because of the following reasons

  1. Our product is not new; over 100 Nigerian women have used the product and have seen tremendous effect (we have proofs).
  2. The base ingredients of Friska Tea are moringa, cinnamon and ginger. These ingredients have been proven to effectively burn calories. In addition, it fights diabetes, asthma and hypertension.
  3. We will take you by hand to take you through the steps for you to achieve your desired body size.

To lose 5-10kg of weight in 30 days, do the following:

  1. Get two packs of Friska Tea
  2. Prepare a cup of warm tea every morning with Friska tea. Add lime, ginger and honey (optional) to it while preparing.
  3. Take only the tea and water before 11am and nothing else.
  4. Before your morning food, do some simple exercise like rope skipping (500 times is enough) or dancing for 20 minutes. This is enough to bring sweat out of your body.
  5. When it’s 11am, eat your first meal of the day. It’s strongly advised that you eat in moderacy, don’t overfeed. The rule of thumb is to imaginarily divide your stomach into three; one for food, one for water and the other for air. Be mindful of the type of food you eat as well, we advise your food to be 50% Veggies, 30% Protein and 20% carbs.
  6. As stated above, eat moderately throughout the day.
  7. Your last meal shouldn’t exceed 5pm.
  8. Before going to bed, repeat number 4.
  9. Have a sound sleep of 7 hours daily.

What is the major work of Friska tea in the above?

I am glad you asked. Friska tea will do the following:

  • Friska tea helps to curb our need for junk foods and unhealthy cravings because it’s rich in nutritional values like calcium, vitamin A & C and proteins.
  • Due to its anti-inflammatory qualities, Friska tea can positively affect your body water weight loss.
  • Friska tea contains fibres that prevent constipation and alleviate the symptoms of IBS and other digestive problems. Its soluble fibres content lower cholesterol and feed microbes in the gut
  • Friska tea helps in breaking down saturated fat in the body, thereby, reducing the build up belly fat and slowing down weight gain.
  • Friska tea rich vitamin structure stimulates metabolism and helps the body digest food quicker. It also helps to get rid of fats and waste faster by speeding up metabolism.

Checkout the below video and screenshot to see what people are saying about Friska Weight Loss Tea.

Here is the good news

We are willing to send the Friska tea to your doorstep right away for you to start using immediately.

You can place order right here for any of the below packages

Friska Weight Loss Tea (Starter Pack)
Weight loss sales page-01
Friska Weight Loss Tea (Premium Pack)
Weight loss sales page-02
Friska Weight Loss Tea (MVP Pack)
Weight loss sales page-03

What is the guarantee that Friska Tea will work for me?

Money back guarantee

I know you may be concerned about the effectiveness of Friska tea for you.

The truth is, we have never had complaints from people who have been using our products and sticking to our guide/instructions.

Here is our guarantee for you.

Try Friska tea and if you don’t get the promised result in 30 days, simply return the empty bag to us and you will get your money refunded in full.

No story.

How to order

You can order Friska Tea by clicking the “order now” button under the package you want.

Once we receive your order, we will process it and ship it to your address immediately.

Friska Weight Loss Tea (Starter Pack)
Weight loss sales page-01
Friska Weight Loss Tea (Premium Pack)
Weight loss sales page-02
Friska Weight Loss Tea (MVP Pack)
Weight loss sales page-03

Frequently Asked Questions about Friska Weight Loss Tea

Is your product NAFDAC approved?

Yes, Friska Weight Loss Tea has approval of NAFDAC.

When will I start seeing effect?

As soon as two weeks, you will start seeing effect but you are advised to do minimum of 30 days and follow all instructions

What will happen if the product doesn’t work for me?

It’s important you follow the guide giving to you. If in any case you follow the guide and still not work, our money will be refunded in full.

How many packs do I need for 30 days?

To shed 5-10 kg of weight in 30 days, you will need two bags of Frika tea.

Can I order offline?

Yes please. You can visit any close by pharmacy stores and search for Friska Weight Loss Tea.

Does your product have side effects?

No known side effect. It’s herbal and organic.

Do I need to keep using the product to get a continuous effect?

Not necessarily but recommended based on your need.

How long does it take for the product to reach me after ordering?

Delivery takes 2-5 days based on your location.

How can I buy more of this product?

You can always order from our website,

How do I contact you?

You can contact us using this telephone number: 07066317267 or send us a message on instagram @friskalife or Facebook @friskalife

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