Friska partners with Hygeia HMO to give free Health Cover this Yuletide season

Friska Farms Limited announced the launch of its 2020-year end customer appreciation campaign tagged #GiftWellness in partnership with Hygeia HMO. The GiftWellness campaign was designed to encourage customers to make Health and Wellness a priority in their gifting plans this year. Customers will enjoy huge discounts and free basic health insurance cover from Hygeia HMO through 2021.

The campaign which was launched on December 13, 2020 will run through the yuletide period through to January 15, 2021. Customers that purchase 10 packs of Friska’s brand of Herbal teas automatically qualify for free 1-year basic health insurance cover.

According to the Chief Executive Officer, Friska Farms Limited, Mr. Usman Imanah “2020 has been a challenging year and if it has taught us anything, it is the fact that we must put our health first. We should not wait till it’s too late to pay attention to their health. This year end promo is to encourage our customers to make wellness a priority when they make their gifting plans- After all it is the greatest gift”

“Our mission to make access to quality healthcare affordable for all Nigerians is boosted by this collaboration. Our commitment to transparency and flexibility drives the creativity that has positioned Hygeia HMO to support Friska Farms in this novel project. This is a massive win for Friska Farms customers and Nigerians in general” said Obinnia Abajue, Chief Executive Officer at Hygeia HMO Limited.

“We are a wellness company and our business revolves around our customers enjoying a healthy life devoid of stress. A health insurance cover gives the peace of mind that you can get access to quality healthcare when the need arises. If we can do this for our customers, then we have succeeded to some extent” added Usman

Although Friska herbal teas are available in over 1000 outlets across Nigeria, the offer only runs on its digital platforms and is only available while stock lasts.

Friska is a brand of herbal infusion teas made from a rich blend of exotic herbs prepared from natural ingredients loaded with antioxidants and the body’s daily micro and macro nutrient requirement – designed to improve your overall health. Friska Herbal teas are retailed in over 1000 retail pharmacies across Nigeria and comes in 4 variants for Weight loss, Anti-Diabetic, Blood Pressure and Wellness.

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