Frequently Asked Questions

Yes all Friska products are NAFDAC approved

It depends but typically, if you follow the steps shared on our social media handles, you should see results within the first 10 days

Friska herbal teas work like supplements and doctors typically prescribe them to support normal treatment regime. Your physician’s prescription is primary. Friska products work to support your wellness goals

Currently, No but this is something that we are working towards with the weight loss tea.

Ginger in Friska Weight loss tea helps you achieve your goal by working with the nutrients in Moringa to suppress your appetite. Weight game is a zero sum game. If you eat more and use up less carbs, you will add weight. Natural appetite suppressants help you reduce cravings, thus reducing calory intake.

No it won’t. Friska herbal teas work like herbal supplements. They have no known side effects.

Herbs are grown naturally. No pesticide, herbicide or preservatives.

It is equally effective as either hot or iced tea.

The herbs are naturally grown. There are no known cases of allergic reactions from consumption of our teas.

There are no known side or after effects linked to consumption of our teas.