Our Story

Ours is a journey that started as a fully integrated, 100% organic herbal supplements farm. The goal has always been to promote a sustainable organic, natural and healthy lifestyle. It has always been about healing and wellness through nature’s unadulterated recipes.

We are a nature centered Solutions, Health and Wellness Company. We believe that being healthy is a journey not a destination. We want to you to start that journey today. We want to be on that journey with you

Our brands of natural herbal infusion teas are a rich blend of exotic herbs scientifically proven to provide natural healing. Our primary ingredient is Moringa – a super-food rich in antioxidants and sufficient quantities of all the nutrients that the body needs.

Our products have been designed to cater to the need of health savvy and body conscious individuals who favors nature in their quest for healthy living, long life and vitality.

We create products for individuals that understand the power of nature as the best healer of all kinds of ailments.

What We Don’t Stand for

We are not trying to sell you a quick fix – we know that you’re tired of multiple products that have promised you an overnight solution to your health challenges. We are not one of them. Our products, when combined with the healthy lifestyle that we advise, promises sustainable solution on your journey to a healthy life.

It is only by eating healthy and exercising regularly and maintaining a healthy lifestyle that you will see the difference.
Any product that promises you a quick fix will most likely cause you harm. Our product is a herbal supplement. Your physician’s advice should be top priority.

Board of Directors

Ismail Damcida
Ismail Damcida Non Executive

Usman Imanah
Usman Imanah CEO

Ife Fashola
Ife Fashola Non Executive